Tips to make a strong password

Sentence to password

  1. Pick a sentence
    It can be a sentence from a song - preferably not in English, a poem, an adage, etc… preferably with punctuation, numbers, … Try to pick something meaningfull for you, but not too famous (unlike my example!).

Vous chantiez ? J’en suis fort aise. Eh bien ! Dansez maintenant.

  1. Take 1st letters, keep punctuation


  2. Modify some characters (for instance E -> €, a -> @, l -> 1, o -> 0, etc…)


Be creative! If you think a bit out of the box, your password will be almost impossible to crack. Using a password manager, you only need to remember ONE password, so it can be relatively complex.


You can do something similar starting from random words.

  1. Pick randomly 5 (or more) words in a dictionnary - preferably not in English

    valide secoué porte cette voir

  2. Add punctuation and capital letters


  3. Modify some characters (for instance E -> €, a -> @, l -> 1, o -> 0, etc…)


You can also find online many other tips (for instance here).

Author : Magali Hennion
Last update : 03/11/2023

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