EDC Bioinformatics Core Facility

Welcome to the Epigenetics and Cell Fate (UMR7216) Bioinformatics website.

The UMR7216 bioinformatics platform provides and develops user-friendly, state of the art epigenomics protocols. We also maintain access to a local computing cluster and provide the teams of the UMR7216 a variety of bioinformatics related services such as technology monitoring, project-specific analyses and user-tailored, on-demand training.

This website is the main resource for protocols, scripts and instructions on how to use the UMR7216 cluster.

How to access the facility

To discuss and set-up a project with the platform, please download and fill-in the form (docx or odt) and send it via email to Magali Hennion. A meeting to discuss your needs will be set-up in the following days.

Feedback request

This website is currently under construction. We kindly ask our users to provide some feedback about this resource. Please contact Magali Hennion if :

RPBS Cluster documentation [by Kevin, not yet updated]

  1. How can I be granted access to the cluster?
  2. Connecting to the cluster
  3. Cluster structure
  4. How to submit jobs to the cluster
  5. Docker registries and images
  6. Where to find banks, indices & scripts?
  7. Building docker images
  8. Useful commands
  9. Useful links

IFB and RPBS workflows [by Magali]

  1. RNA-seq by RASflow

RPBS workflows [by Kevin, not yet updated]

  1. FastQC
  2. Generic mapping procedure
  3. ChIP-seq